Our team is composed of former government executives with substantial experience in successfully delivering on high-visibility, high-risk transformational projects. We are engaged with multiple state and local customers on program assessment, program redesign, policy analysis, requirements gathering, bid framing and development, and procurement strategy. The following are representative engagements and initiatives directly managed by our team.

Public Sector Transformation

  • Developed contract portfolio assessment and score boarding methodology for use in assessment of public sector procurement and contracting operations.
  • Completed multiple assessments of business activities and their appropriateness for the mission of the agency in question, with specific recommendations for streamlining.
  • Realigned all aspects of state print shop contracting to create a streamlined shared service for state agencies as an insourced service center.
  • Developing template driven partnering agreements for the use of electronic health data for a public sector health services client.
  • Developed major successful legislation over multiple legislative sessions to transform the nature of project development, commodity technology purchasing, and assessment and creation of shared service technology centers.
  • Completed an assessment and a successful proposal to transfer an expansive and established wide area network service from one set of agencies to the state technology agency to function as a shared state service.
  • Provided transition and integration assistance for a large state agency working to incorporate a statutorily transferred state function
  • Assisted global financial entity in reorganization of service delivery and customer service approach

Managed Services Sourcing

  • Initiated contracting effort to establish electronic payment cards to replace paper warrants and combine existing contracts, resulting in a best in the nation pricing for cards for employee payments.
  • Created new vendor pool contracting method for Geographic Information Systems data that created millions in savings and transformed state-local cooperation in GIS.
  • Renegotiated a state contract for energy procurement and invoice processing services to transition to a fee-for-service model and establish new cost tracking measures driving immediate cost savings to agencies.
  • Established a new contracting vehicle that reengineered purchase of computer assisted legal and investigative research services for use by Texas agencies transforming the normal purchasing model for the service, increasing simplicity and transparency and reducing costs.
  • Rebid a state contract for document imaging in coordination with a state agency with a significant and high profile project on a compressed timeframe, creating a lasting pricing model that dramatically improved the service options and costs.

Public Private Partnership Implementation

  • Assisting a major state agency to assess sponsorship and revenue sharing opportunities in its efforts to build out a statewide bid for both revenue share and citizen facing telecommunication services.
  • Assisting a state agency in retroactively adding technology strategy requirements to an existing outsourced, multi-vendor contracting program.
  • Assisting a state agency in development of a state geographic Information Services office, including revenue share, partnership strategy, imaging and archive pricing, and rollout strategy.
  • Initiated an innovative fleet sharing pilot for the state of Texas via contract to participate in a first in the nation deployment approach in Austin Texas.
  • Initiated a partnership with a national cooperative purchasing entity to dramatically improve pricing and process for the procurement of bulk fuel for the state of Texas.