Service Categories

Program Assessment & Transformation Assistance Services
Spend Analysis & Capability Development through Sourcing Services
Procurement Automation Readiness & Implementation Assistance Services

Program Assessment & Transformation Assistance Services

This service category focuses on working with state and local governments to assess their organizations for the purpose of realigning activities according to best practices and guiding principles. A key outcome of this service is the transformation of the organization’s procurement function into a strategic asset for the government entity. Assessments are performed in three work segments: Organizational Practices, Procurement Management Practices, and Procurement Automation Practices.

Through comprehensive reviews, Civic Initiatives helps state and local governments develop a full understanding of the maturity of the organization, critical gaps, constraints and inefficiencies. After gaining insight into the current state, Civic Initiatives works with the government entity to establish a common understanding of future state targets and discrete projects to optimize the procurement function. All assessment work is led by principal consultant Dustin Lanier, a Certified Public Procurement Officer, and all practice leads and senior consultants have previous management responsibilities in public sector procurement.

Program Assessment & Spend Analysis & Capability Development through Sourcing Services

This service category focuses on helping procurement organizations understand how to use data to act proactively to establish strong contract portfolios, which is the basis for catalogs and therefore a foundational element of procurement automation success. These efforts include identifying data sources, assisting in cleansing and rationalization, establishing spend categories, and assisting in prioritizing categories for review. Because these efforts are typically new to organizations that have not established sourcing or spend management practices, or they have been applied in a non-uniform manner, it is not sufficient to merely provide the data that supports in decision-making.

A key differentiator for Civic Initiatives is a focus on knowledge transfer: teaching buyers how to use data, how to develop opportunity assessments, and how to assess sourcing alternatives. Capability development through sourcing refers to our methodology to work with buyers in support of these efforts in prioritized categories, resulting in actual sourcing events.

Procurement Automation Readiness & Implementation Assistance Services

This service category focuses on working with state and local governments considering the deployment of procurement automation functionality. Civic Initiatives helps establish a consistent definition for procurement automation, assess the state or local government’s readiness for acquisition and deployment, support them in requirements definition and acquisition, and assist them during implementation to ensure the deployment that meets their identified requirements.

The following graphic provides an overview of the competencies Civic Initiatives is able to provide in each of the Service Categories outlined above:

Program Assessment

  • Comprehensive Procurement Program Assessment

  • Policy, Process Review and Optimization

  • Benchmarking and Performance Measure Design

  • Core Function, Certification, Delegation Models

  • IT Procurement, Planning Governance Design

Capability Development

  • Creation of State Spend Management Practices

  • Direct Staff Mentoring in Category Management

  • Full Sourcing Strategy Development and Execution

  • Organizational Review and Competencies Design

  • 21 Course Procurement Training Curriculum

Automation Readiness

  • ERP and procurement automation Readiness Assessment

  • Procurement automation Marketplace Planning

  • Requirement Development and Selection Assistance

  • Deployment Oversight Assistance

  • Independent Validation and Verification