Dustin Lanier is an experienced professional with over 15 years of leadership in large scale organizational change in public sector initiatives of national significance. Through executive leadership roles in technology strategy and procurement strategy for the state of Texas, Lanier gained a strong experience in developing clear strategies, and executing those strategies from concept to contracts. Lanier is a Certified Public Procurement Officer (CPPO).

Lanier’s roles in Texas state government included Director of Strategic Initiatives for the state Chief Information Officer, and Director of the Council on Competitive Government, a managed service procurement group that reported directly to state leadership. As Deputy CIO, Lanier was responsible for IT Governance, oversight redesign, and strategic plan development. As Executive Director for CCG, Lanier was responsible for direct creation of strategic sourcing and spend management efforts.

At Civic Initiatives, Lanier is the principal consultant responsible for the strategy, direction and outcomes of client engagements, with a focus on innovative procurement, program maturity assessments and oversight, optimizing the contract portfolio, and managing vendor relationships. Lanier has personally established and led company projects in the states of Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, and Texas.

Relevant experience includes:

  • Led multiple assessments of a state’s procurement organization to determine strategic capacity and readiness for eProcurement. Leading development of new procurement and contract administration practices, requirement development and strategy for eProcurement, and support of business process redesign necessary to accomplish outcomes from tools.
  • Led multiple assessments of a state’s organizational model regarding information technology acquisitions, and successfully reconciled divergent views to establish cohesive transformation plans. Led development of staffing models and transition to new organizational approach to technology acquisition.
  • Creation of a proprietary process to support states in creation of internal spend management programs, with an emphasis on support of staff capabilities, savings generation and calculation, and support of future automation through eProcurement.
  • Creation of an extended training methodology for procurement professionals, designed to support a step program for professional development, and also to support nuanced delegation and certification models.
  • Led development of IT Governance models for the state of Texas, including the Texas Project Delivery Framework and the core processes of the state Quality Assurance Team.
  • Direct oversight of successful contracting initiatives in a wide ranging array of government operations, including energy, fuel, fleet, print, mail, software licensing, document imaging, payment cards, GIS and contingent labor, producing biennial savings over 37million.

Lanier graduated with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Public Policy Studies, and in Latin American Studies, from Duke University.

Derrek Davis, Manager, is an experienced professional with a background in business, financial and technology process analysis and reengineering garnered during his 10 years of services with the State of Texas. With the Council on Competitive Government, Davis evaluated the effectiveness of state contracts and was responsible for taking complex strategic procurement opportunities from concept to contract. Prior to this Davis was an Internal Auditor for the State Comptroller where he lead process and system audits, providing recommendations for improvements.

At Civic Initiatives, Davis is responsible for managing the portfolio of client engagements for the company. Davis is responsible for making certain that all projects and resources are actively managedand all projects are meeting client expectations for scope, schedule and deliverables. Davis is also actively involved in aspects of work across all Civic Initiatives competenciesincluding process and technical assessments, implementation support, and capability development, for client engagements in over 15 states.

Davis also brings complementary current skills as a Certified Public Procurement Buyer, Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Information Systems Auditor, a Certified Project Management Professional and a Certified Texas Procurement Manager.

Relevant experience includes:

  • Extensive expertise in the evaluation of public sector entities, including operational, financial, consulting and technology assessments. Strong understanding of business processes, financial analysis, strategic planning, risk management and stakeholder management.
  • Direct leadership experience managing agency and statewide procurements from concept to contract. Certified Public Procurement Buyer and Certified Texas Procurement Manager, with deep knowledge of all phases of the procurement lifecycle including planning and assessment, solicitation development, negotiations and contract and vendor management.
  • Experience and strong understanding of strategic sourcing including the use of technology tools, process evaluation, spend analysis, demand aggregation, category management, and supplier management techniques to optimize performance and increase the value of procurement dollars spent.
  • Led broad stakeholder teams in development of procurement strategies and execution of solicitations for complex service categories including energy, fuel, fleet, print, legal research services, document imaging, and GIS.
  • Developed extensive business cases supporting acquisition of procurement automation technical solutions including identification and documentation of project vision, goals, and objectives, project scope and functional requirements, implementation strategies and timelines, project cost and funding models, and project benefits and risks.

Davis graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and a Master of Arts degree in International Affairs from the California State University, Sacramento.

George Hawxhurst is our procurement automation practice lead focused on operations and strategy execution. Hawxhurst’s areas of focus includes providing client support for eProcurement initiatives including strategy development, business process assessment, requirements/RFP development, system selection, implementation, project management, and performance assessment following Civics’ proven Requirements Review/Validation methodology. His professional experience spans across Fortune 500 companies, institutions of higher education, and governmental agencies within multiple industries including: professional services, consumer packaged goods, and energy and utilities.

Hawxhurst is currently leading procurement assessments and automation initiatives for multiple states entities. He’s past relevant public-sector experience includes:

For the State of Georgia, Department of Administrative Services:

  • As eProcurement Manage for the State, led implementation and support of Team Georgia Marketplace, one of the nation’s first statewide eProcurement solutions.
  • Managed catalog and integration enablements with statewide suppliers; to include suppliers like Staples, Granger, Dell, IBM, NAPA and Amazon.
  • Served as a conduit for daily catalog operations and maintenance, providing training, guidance, technical support and system orientation to team of sourcing and data specialists across the State of Georgia.
  • Managed vendor relationship and drove improvements to further enhance the applications capabilities to meet the State’s specific requirements; PCard Marketplace, contract ordering instructions, self-managed catalogs and contract price validation.

For University of California, Office of the President:

  • Developed procedural and technical roadmap for California’s new system wide eProcurement platform. There he collaborated across the nine major universities and the Office of the President to more effectively manage their $28.5 billion in annual spend through the implementation of uniform purchasing policies, procedures and unified Procure- to-Pay platform.
  • Facilitated interviews and workshop sessions to formulate standardization across thirteen focus areas in order to deliver process efficiencies and shared savings. The critical focus areas included buyer delegation, blanket orders, workflow approval and master data. The leadership committee and member institutions unanimously approved the proposed recommendations.

For Cleveland State, University of Texas at San Antonio & University of Minnesota:

  • Provided project management oversight in the design and implementation of the integrated eProcurement solution involving Strategic Sourcing, Catalog and Vendor Management, Requisitioning, Workflow Approvals, Receiving and e-Invoicing activities.
  • Developed and managed detailed testing and cutover project plans. Responsible for tracking and driving defect resolution with third-party integration partner.
  • Provided solutions to address critical process and policy gaps.
  • Developed and led campus-wide end-user training for the successful adoption of the new solution.

For Florida State University:

  • Led integration design and testing for chart of accounts, user profile and approval workflow synchronization; purchase order and change order exports and purchase order status updates.
  • Developed a comprehensive test plan and associated scripts for end-to-end testing activities; critical emphasis on downstream and year-end roll processing.
  • Hawxhurst graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems from Auburn University.

    Regina Rousseau, Senior Consultant for the Procurement Review Team, is an experienced professional with a background in government technology planning and policy. As the former Assistant Director of Technology Planning and Policy at the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR), Regina managed a broad range of activities that drove statewide planning and policy. At DIR, she led project teams in the development and delivery of strategic plans and reports with the goal of increasing readership, improving collaboration opportunities across agencies, delivering resource and planning support, and highlighting agency progress on the state’s technology priorities. Rousseau is a Project Management Professional with the Project Management Institute.

    Millie Marlow, Technical Consultant for the Technical Review Team, has over 25 years of technical experience, focusing on data analysis and database design.  In her 5 years with the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR), she was the primary contributor to the definition, design, and implementation of the software used to manage the cooperative contracts program.  As the Applications Manager for DIR, she managed people, designed and implemented key ETL (extract, transform, and load) jobs, and oversaw the integration of systems.  In her work with Civic Initiatives, Marlow had provided direct implementation support to the State of Missouri for their eProcurement system implementation.

    Charlene Rendon is an experienced procurement professional with over ten years of service spanning several statewide procurement programs. Prior to joining Civic Initiatives, Charlene managed multiple teams in the Strategic Sourcing Division and Statewide Procurement Divisions of the Texas Comptroller’s Office.

    She specializes in (1) Developing, implementing and managing statewide eProcurement systems; (2) assessing contracts and procurement operations to developing plans for successful eProcurement deployment; (3) leading and managing the entire life-cycle of high dollar contracts including category analysis, risk assessment, solicitation creation, negotiations and vendor management; (4) Designing and maintaining systems for tracking programs goals, policies, processes, procedures and performance measures; and, (5) Proactively identifying program risks and implementing innovative solutions. Charlene Rendon holds the CPPO designation from the UPPCC and is certified by the state of Texas as a Certified Texas Procurement Manager and a Certified Texas Contract Manager.

    Recent experience includes:

    • Served as strategic sourcing subject matter expert on the development and implementation of multiple eProcurement systems for the State of Texas.
    • Managed Texas’ statewide e-procurement support teams.
    • Conducted an eProcurement assessment for the State of Oregon, including a comprehensive eProcurement system fit-gap analysis.
    • Developed and delivered an eProcurement workshop for Santa Barbara County.
    • Awarded and managed statewide contracts with an annual value over $350M in the state of Texas resulting in significant savings and process improvements.
    • Administered multiple statewide strategically sourced contracts; including a best-in-class road materials program valued at over $270M annually. The project resulted in hard dollar annual savings of over $13M.
    • Managed the state of Texas’ Vendor Performance Tracking program and oversaw the launching of a newly optimized system.

    Charlene Rendon graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government, and a Master of Public Administration degree from The University of Texas at Arlington.

    Velissa Davis, eProcurement Practice Analyst, has over 15 years in private sector procurement, project management, and business process re-engineering experience. Velissa’s strong technology background has been instrumental in helping clients determine and adopt automation solutions and practices that meet their organizations’ needs. At Civic Initiatives, Velissa has demonstrated a proven ability to successfully collaborate with client teams to accelerate understanding, analyze and make recommendations to strengthen processes, and drive overall project success.

    Harry Pape, Client Advisor, has spent 28 years in public, private and non-profit roles helping clients to understand and measure critical success factors. As a consultant, he helped start-ups clarify and articulate mission focus to raise capital. As a non-profit director, Harry helped to expand services and better communicate mission values, increasing fundraising. At Civic Initiatives, Harry advances business operations and client support activities.

    Woody Fluharty has significant public and private procurement experience in strategic sourcing, category management and data analytics. Before Civic Initiatives, Woody was instrumental in establishing the Strategic Sourcing Division within the Texas Comptroller’s Office. The Division achieved great success in cost reductions and process improvements in many high-profile spend categories.

    He specializes in:

    1. leading and managing the entire life-cycle of high dollar contracts including category analysis, risk assessment, solicitation creation, negotiations and vendor management
    2. knowledge of strategic sourcing principles including extensive experience in category/commodity strategy, spend analysis, benchmarking, cost models and demand management
    3. analyzing massive data sets focused on mining pertinent business intelligence to drive cost reduction strategies. Woody Fluharty was certified by the state of Texas as a Certified Texas Procurement Manager and a Certified Texas Contract Manager.

    Recent experience includes:

    • Conducted comprehensive spend analysis and savings diagnostic of over $100B in paid voucher spend from multiple clients including Texas, Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky, Nebraska, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Portland, Maricopa County, Hennepin County, Collier County School District and Greater Valley School District. Work consisted of relating multiple databases, consisting over millions of rows, and mining those databases for actionable intelligence.
    • Led multi-functioning category teams to develop procurement strategies in a wide variety of spend categories including: Road Aggregate; Office Supplies; Mail Equipment; Mail Services; MRO; Job Order Contracting; Agriculture Equipment; Fleet; Food; Janitorial Services; Multi-Function Printers; IT Equipment; Trash Services; Temporary Labor; Furniture; Advertising Services; Medical Services; and Medical Supplies. Work included, but was not limited to, spend analysis, benchmarking, market analysis, risk identification, savings levers and negotiation strategies.
    • Awarded and managed statewide contracts with an annual value over $300M in the state of Texas resulting in significant savings and process improvements.
    • Developed a best-in-class road materials program valued at over $250M annually. The projected resulted in hard dollar savings of over $55M. Additionally, achieved soft cost savings through streamlining the procurement process.
    • Led the state of Texas’ realized savings program which analyzed over $1.7B of contractually spend.
    • Completed contract portfolio analysis in Ohio, Nebraska and Missouri. The work identifies both the client’s most critical contracts relating to eProcurement and assesses the current fit of the contract portfolio to an eMarketplace environment.

    Woody Fluharty graduated with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Political Administration, and Master of Arts in Public Administration, from Texas State University.

    Aubrey Carver is a highly-skilled procurement professional with experience administering some of the State of Texas’ largest service and commodity contracts. During her time at the state she was responsible for a variety of contracts and program areas within the Statewide Procurement Division. As a Contract Specialist, her duties included:maintaining contract documents, providing technical assistance, resolving issues between agencies and vendors, collecting spend reports, exercising complex price adjustments, writing amendments, as well as executing contract renewals and extensions. In addition, Carver also used her advanced Excel skills to serve as the department’s primary data analysis resource.

    After transitioning to a new position with the state’s eProcurement system (TxSmartBuy) team, Carver was tasked with creating and maintaining contract data to ensure a seamless shopping experience for state agency buyers and reliable reporting for the statewide procurement team.

    At Civic Initiatives, Carver serves in a support role on multiple projects and specializes in data analysis and eProcurement system infrastructure.

    Relevant experience includes:

    • Served on the system administration team for NetSuite, the software platform for TxSmartbuy, which was responsible for all of the statewide contract data in Texas
    • Provided subject matter expertise to NetSuite developers regarding system bugs and necessary improvements
    • Participated in testing of new and improved functionality in NetSuite
    • Worked with purchasing staff to develop “eProcurement system-ready” contracts for a variety of complex commodities and services contracts
    • Created, maintained and uploaded catalogs into NetSuite for creation of item records to display for purchase
    • Collected monthly sales reports (approx. 150) for contracts with items not purchased through TxSmartbuy and importedinto MS Access to create a uniform database of sales for upload and administrative fee collection
    • Extracted sales data from NetSuite to create reports utilizing pivot tables to show aggregate sales in various ways (by contract, contractor, items purchased, purchases by agency, etc.)
    • Created report for billing department to track weekly totals compared to previous fiscal year and progress towards collections goal
    • Used system reporting tools to conduct periodic savings analyses on state contracts to submit to the executive team

    Carver graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Loyola University.

    Libby Cormier, Staff Consultant for Civic Initiatives, project support for the project, is an experienced professional with substantial experience in program and project coordination, including four years coordinating assessment work and the SHARE cooperative procurement program at North Central Texas Council of Governments, and over six years managing state and federal disaster recovery projects throughout Texas, Louisiana, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Through her experience, Cormier has become skilled in leading cross-functional teams; developing customer and client relationships; conducting stakeholder interviews to uncover current-state business processes, scope requirements and issues; and, ensuring project deliverables are acceptable and fulfill the terms of the project specifications.

    Lisa Rolik is an experienced professional with over 10 years of public sector procurement experience. Through leadership roles in procurement and contract management for the State of Nebraska, Rolik gained a strong experience in developing clear contract management processes and procurement strategies for a variety of governmental missions, including health and human services, law enforcement and state level category purchasing.

    Rolik’s roles in Nebraska state government included direct procurement responsibilities for the State Purchasing Bureau and State Patrol, and program creation and management for the Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Behavioral Health. As Program Manager for Division of Behavioral Health, Rolik was responsible for creating processes and overseeing the administration of all services contracts and subawards for the division, managing the procurement process for services and IT commodities, and delivering contact management training to division contract managers.

    Relevant experience includes:

    • Created and implemented administrative program for services contracts and subawards, amendments, renewals and extensions for the Division of Behavioral Health contract portfolio, including contract status tracking, best practice terms and conditions, and multiple end user trainings. Provided interpretation regarding contract provisions and performance expectations to agency divisions/vendors resulting in high contract success.
    • Direct management for multiple complex RFPs/contracts (from requirement development through contract initiation) for key Nebraska programs, including Records Management System (RMS) and AFIS Fingerprinting System, each RFP completed on schedule; and managed the Electronic Health Records System RFP to be shared by two DHHS divisions.
    • Responsible for over 125 additional non-RFP procurement transactions, providing a broad understanding of core procurement practices, state statutes and the core work of state buyers.
    • Responsible for implementation of a new Integrated Contract Management Practice for the state of Missouri, including creation of a new Contract Management Guide, associated templates, and supporting training and tracking processes.

    Rolik graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

    Melissa Castellani has over 15 years of experience in project management and business process reengineering oversight. Through her project work she has developed expertise in Project Management, Issue Identification and Resolution Tracking, System Integration and Test Planning, Applied Analysis, Contracts and Negotiations, Requirement Gathering and Prioritization, Process Improvement, and Budgeting and Forecasting.

    Relevant experience includes:

  • Business Analyst for a public sector client implementing COTs eProcurement technology. Responsible for independent analysis, contract administration planning and requirement traceability, and contract portfolio conversion support activities.
  • Business Analyst for public sector client supporting implementation of Oracle Fusion suite. Responsible for support of requirement and configuration discovery and supporting contract review and catalog conversion activities.
  • Managed multiple Department of Defense programs for a private sector software company through entire life cycle. Developed program plans, schedules, budgets, performance measures, and coordinated key project activities from inception to closure.
    • Successfully managed up to 30 DOD programs of varying sizes through entire life cycle resulting in $100M annual revenue.
    • Developed program plans, schedules, and budgets. Responsible for corporate budgeting, forecasting, variance analysis, risk and opportunity analysis and annual planning
    • Set performance measurement baseline in order to effectively track progress. Utilized revenue forecasting model and standardized metrics reporting across all programs for consistent reporting to executive management
    • Conducted monthly customer program management reviews, ran weekly program status meetings identifying action items and tracking to closure.
    • Performed risk management activities including risk identification, prioritization and mitigation.
    • Ensured cross-functional interaction and ensured timely resolution of resource and priority conflicts
  • Program/Implementation Manager for PeopleSoft corporate financials upgrade from; General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, Asset Management, Project Costing, and Inventory.
    • Managed cross functional team of over 40 diverse skilled personal; Network and Test Engineers, QA, Risk Management, Scheduling, developers and information security.
    • Creation/facilitation of project documentation. RFP for outside consulting resources, SOW, technical and user requirements and budget contracts. Project status and milestone reviews, testing and post mortem.
    • Responsible for cross functional reporting of project status including status updates, issue resolution and negotiating change control with internal and external clients.
  • Program Manager/Senior Master Planner for datacenter and Storage Company; Interliant Inc. Central point of contact for implementation of BMC software suite at four US datacenters. Managed over 25 resources, both internally and through consulting contracts. Managed all documentation and contracts with a multi-million dollar budget.
  • Created all contract documentation related to all projects. Requirements gathering, RFP, SOW, Project plans, Issue resolution, milestone reviews, technical architecture, go live plans, testing plans, training, post mortem and lessons learned.
  • Lead negotiating team for external client resources. Through RFP process, negotiated client resources for each project. BMC and PeopleSoft employees were added to internal staffing resources to ensure timely completion and transfer of knowledge on both projects. Accommodated last minute change orders and customizations to stay within schedule deadlines and budgets.
  • Successful with analyzing requirements, identifying deficiencies, uncovering potential opportunities and developing innovative and cost effective solutions for enhancing competitiveness which increases revenues and improves customer service offerings.
  • Defined unit test plans, expected results and issues log. Assembled the constituent parts of a system in a logical, cost-effective way, comprehensively checking system execution (all nominal & exceptional paths), and included a full functional check-out. Verified that the system met its requirements and Validated that the system performed in accordance with the customer/user expectations.
  • Dedicated to finding ways to make a company more efficient. Exceptional communication skills at all levels of management.
  • Castellani graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Rhode Island.

    Dawn Rose is an experienced Project Manager with over 30 years of progressive experience in managing complex client objectives, marketing, business analysis, business operations and budgetary management of professional, procurement and logistic supply chain program services. She recognized for exceptional change management skills, instituting logistic and supply chain business optimization initiatives while leading technical integrations at varying levels of complexity.

    Relevant experience includes:

    • Project Manager for global implementation of Logistics Procurement software, training and support of bid cycle and business processes for both internal clients and external vendors.
    • Instrumental in defining and adapting new global IT support processes for Procurement and Transportation Management Applications and related tools. Instrumental in creating the process and governance for end user support. Created training documentation for users and provides training workshops for new software implementations.
    • Performed global business analytics and project management methodologies, to drive implementation and adoption of new ERP applications and analytical tools to drive change management toward enhancement of business performance.
    • Provided global application support in role of global super user, security and administrative system management.
    • As a Business Operations Manager she led and trained technical and non-technical teams responsible for service delivery tools; managerial responsibility for 35 technical and business professionals, vendor selection, purchasing, contract management, budget forecast and P&L statements.
    • Developed and led the strategic consolidation of global customer, field quality communication programs and IT hardware roll outs including asset recovery; ensured customer avoidance, mitigation and fixes were available for software and hardware quality issues.
    • Led the migration and installation of over $500 Million of global inventory and assets from Puerto Rico to North Carolina with a 99.9% success rate at go-live for a fortune 500 electronics manufacturing facility in 2008. Pristine management of technical services decreased production start up cycle time affording a savings of $250K on original budgetary forecast.
    • Led migration of a 350,000 sq. ft. facility containing 3500 Storage libraries and engineering fixtures, installed and tested within a 90 day period with a 20% reduction in planned schedule and a 99.8% go live success rate in 2009. This effort afforded an additional 23% gain on a $1.2MM project.