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Video Clips

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Making Sense of Procurement Automation Choices

Building the Workbench for Procurement Automation

Transactional Procurement Automation

Transformational Procurement Automation


Pressing through Headwinds

System Thinking in Procurement

Let's talk about Strategic Sourcing

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How will we know an Innovator when we see one?

Procurement Automation's "Burning Why"

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Applying Capacity, Agility and Resiliency to Remodelling Operations

What if the Offices Stay Empty?

Preparing for FEMA Reimbursement

Vetting Suppliers: "Now, Who Are You Again?"


Rob Handfield and Steve Nichols on Supply Resiliency and Ransomware

Creating Content - When That's Not What You Do for a Living (NIGP Chapter Presentation)

Strategic Pillars of Procurement Modernization

(Patti Bowers, Barry Zimmerman, Michelle McNellis)

Procurement Agility Session

(Aaron Carter)

Strategic Sourcing Applied Panel

(Ann Dolan, Gary Lambert, Ash Shetty, Justin Sullivan)

CIO Innovation in the New Normal Panel

(Ying Chan, Tanya Hannah, Sam Segran, Jim Weaver)

Designing the New Normal Panel

(Carol Wilson, Adboul Kabaou, Gisella Higgins)

Higher Education Panel

(Ed Mills, Calvin Lyons, Jenny Doherty)


Aaron Carter (U Ilinois)

Carol Wilson (Connecticut)

Jaime Schorr (Maine)

Jenn Meyers Interview (City of Tucson)

Jim Colangelo Interview (Michigan)

Biko Taylor (KIPP Texas)

Nicholas Tincher (University of Wisconsin)

Rob Handfield on Supply Chain

Procurement and Technology Security Standards (StateRAMP discussion)