What is a New Normal Exercise?

A platform-facilitated planning exercise that involves the whole team - to capture changes and plan a path forward into the New Normal.


Client testimonials

"This was the most amazing process that we could have gone through in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, I say that bold, underline, with three exclamation points(!!!)"

"I cannot say enough about the process, especially the timing, and it really did help put that strategic plan back together for us."

"Under this particular exercise, what I appreciated so much, in the span of about 20 minutes, on my mobile device, I was able to bang out 73 items while in a waiting room. Quick brainstorming, like writing sticky notes, then right back to work."

"This process has also helped me to frame my conversations with the team, to help them stay energized and focused on what's coming in the future."

"The timing of the New Normal process, and that facilitation we conducted surrounding that, was perfect."

"The tool used to do this virtually made it so much more effective. They could on their own time conduct their journals, so every voice was heard."

It's going to help position us greatly in the next 5-6 months to continue to be effective in our normal work and our continued support of COVID."

Let's Design your New Normal