2023.09.07: Generative AI in Public Procurement: The Opportunity

Original article published on Linkedin by Dustin Lanier, CPPO

(For the related recorded live chat, give a listen here, and for the video, check it out here!)

I interviewed Steve Meier, head of innovation for kungfu.ai in a really insightful conversation into the what's and how's of generative ai. I encourage you to catch the video or audio links on demand.

  • Why "kungfu.ai" - it doesn't mean what you think it means!
  • The speech I did at NIGP Forum, called “Generative ai: The New Tool in the Toolkit”
  • Value of the tool to the individual user
  • Employing the tool organizationally
  • What happens to the data when you actually make a query?
  • Where the opportunity lies for government
  • Our use of the tool for generative ai chatbots and future playbooks
  • Implementing art of the possible workshops, policy development exercises, and horizon assessments

Use the links above to access the audio and video on demand - it's worth your time!