Civic Initiatives is a leading national public procurement consulting company with a comprehensive approach to program assessment, capability development and automation success. Contact Us to learn more.

Program Assessment & Transformation Assistance

 • Comprehensive Procurement Program Assessment • Policy, Process Review and Optimization • Benchmarking and Performance Measure Design • Core Function, Certification, Delegation Models • Contract Management Program Design • IT Procurement, Planning Governance Design  

Staff Capability Development 

• Creation of State Spend Management Practices • Direct Staff Mentoring in Category Management • Strategic Sourcing Opportunty Identification and Exececution support • Individual Soliciation Strategy Development and Execution • Staff Competencies Design • 21 Course Procurement Training Curriculum  

Procurement Automation Readiness & Assistance 

• ERP and Procurement Automation Readiness Assessment • Procurement Automation Marketplace Planning • Requirement Development and Selection Assistance • Marketplace Catalog Development and Maintenance • Deployment Oversight Assistance • Robust System Testing and Requirement Traceability • Independent Validation and Verification  

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