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2024.04.09: NASPO Acquisition Support Services

Civic has been part of the NASPO Acquisition Support Services category since 2019 and is part of the new contract extending services through 2030.

2024.02.01: PIPS BVA Success Story: UVED

This is a real-life case study where the PIPs approach was implemented and explore the project's results.

2024.01.17: Traditional Best Value RFP vs. PIPS

Traditional Best Value RFPs count on the people posting the RFP to be subject matter experts. The PIPS Best Value approach allows genuine subject matter experts to respond.

2023.12.13: Logistics and Food Rescue: A Perfect Match for Positive Change

What do food insecurity and food waste have in common with supply chain? Learn how Food Rescue US incorporates supply chain principles in innovative ways.

2023.12.12: Civic Initiatives commits a percentage of revenue to Food Rescue US

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2023.11.16: Performance Measurement in Procurement (and Beyond)

Performance management focuses on how government organizations measure, analyze, and improve their operations through data-driven decision making.