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Growing Purchasing Into Procurement Speech

Establish the seed to start the process

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Make it thrive through five actions

Watchwords for Public Procurement in 2022

Great thought leadership from Jaime Schorr Justin Sullivan Christin Webb, NIGP-CPP, CPPB James E. Crenshaw, MBA, NIGP-CPP, CPPO Jenny Hedderman, Esq. Christina Semeraro, MPA, CPPO, CPPB, NIGP-CPP and special guest Gary Lambert.

System Thinking in Public Procurement

There is a balance in public procurement between requirements that prescribe “what” is needed versus asking the vendor to describe “how” they would solve the problem.

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Strategic Sourcing


When a central public procurement team is overwhelmed with transaction management, it is operating primarily in reaction to an inbound request.

The transition to a strategic stance - and strategic sourcing - comes with asking not just "what is the oldest thing on my desk", but asking "what's the next best thing to do."

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Driving Change - Pressing Through Headwind

Public procurement can be an agent of change in the way it helps business units to go to market - in a way that learns from the past to improve the future. 

This is the transformative power of procurement that improves outcomes for our citizens, and attracts the next generation to procurement as a career.

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Investing in Spend Data Management


Data, and the insights they bring, are essential in today’s business environment. In the press to enable fact-based decision making, organizations are making huge investments to capture and warehouse massive amounts of data.

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Applying Agility in Public Procurement

Covid-19 response has caused our public sector organizations to retrench and reload.
Now it’s time to lock in on the target.

The New Normal in Public Procurement

In marking time since the first US case of COVID-19. It's time to plan for the new normal of proactive government during a sustained response.

Tools in the Toolkit

Adding more tools to the toolkit in public procurement! We talk about some of the ways procurement is trying to do more than the standard RFP. From problem statement style bids, challenge style bids, and more, there are new ways to find the right tool for the problem.

Gearing Up for an Infrastructure Infusion

With anticipated funding for infrastructure projects, even small public entities are seeing unprecedented funding figures in what could be one of the most significant public "building boom" of our lifetimes. Here's a checklist with proactive tips as you confront an increase in construction and IT infrastructure procurements.