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Discussions with the leading minds in public procurement

2024.02.08: Change Agent Chats: Jack Pellegrino, County of San Diego Director of Purchasing and Contracting

A chat with Jack Pellegrino about the excellent #CAPPO2024 in January, how he came up in procurement to be the Director of Purchasing and Contracting at the County of San Diego, and the new master's program for supply chain at the University of San Diego that is part of his extended life mission.

2023.08.04: Change Agent Chats: Chris Sawchuk, The Hackett Group

Interview with Chris Sawchuk, Global Procurement Advisory Practice Leader for The Hackett Group, about the role of benchmarking in improving procurement operations, and the practical opportunities available to public procurement.

2023.07.07: Change Agent Chats: Leah McGrath, Executive Director, StateRamp

A talk with Leah McGrath about StateRamp's important mission in streamlining IT cloud standards, its impact on public procurement, and a new partnership with Civic Initiatives.

2023.06.21: Change Agent Chats: Rob Handfield and Andrea Stefano Patrucco

Rob and Stefano reviewed the data from the use of the Strategic National Stockpile during Covid in an extensive report. We talk about the paper and some of the recommendations coming out of it related to #supplychain for the US.

2023.05.02: Resourceful Procurement - NAEP Breakout Session with Ed Mills

A discussion with Ed Mills, Chief Procurement Officer for Colorado University, about "Resourceful Procurement: Leveraging Capacity and Creative Resourcing in Higher Education Procurement" and other important procurement topics.

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2023.03.30: What's Your Why - Higher Education Public Procurement Panel

We talk to three leaders in Higher Education Procurement on Why they came into procurement, why they stay, and how we cultivate that interest in the next generation.

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2022.12.30: Bringing Up The Next Generation of Procurement All-Stars with TJ Martin

An interactive discussion about "Bringing Up the Next Generation of Procurement All-Stars with TJ Martin.

2022.12.14: Procurement Through the Eyes of City Manager Harry Black

An hour long chat with Harry Black, the City Manager for the City of Stockton, California. Hear how Black's public sector career spawned from contracting and procurement into the C-suite.

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