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Procurement Through the Eyes of the City Manager

An hour long chat with Harry Black, the City Manager for the City of Stockton, California. Hear how Black's public sector career spawned from contracting and procurement into the C-suite.

Aubrey Leigh Goodwin 1:1 - State of Mississippi

A great 10-minute discussion with Aubrey Leigh Goodwin, a Deputy Executive Director with the Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration.

Chapters as an Enduring Community

A quick talk on Chapters as an Enduring Community.

Thinking about some ways to think about how Chapters can help retain connection, even if individual members may be changing jobs seeking the best for them in their careers.

Procurement as a Career:

Should Public Procurement be on the List for Graduating Seniors?

Let's make a pitch to college seniors to have procurement on the list!

Thanks to Carrie Mathes, MPA, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CFCM, C.P.M., CPPB Aaron Carter, MBA, CPPO, CPPB and Jaime Schorr for adding their takes on this topic as people who know the NIGP/NASPO/NAEP worldviews.

Being a Public Procurement Change Agent

A podcast out of my prepared remarks in the NIGP panel on being a public procurement change agent, and its impact on a positive outcome in automation.

Ed Mills, Transformation in Flight

Ed led off with perspectives on how he made choices as to why to transform, and where, and with what resources. Civic Initiatives, LLC was part of the resource mix in several of those projects, so I spoke about some of our role as an aligned partner.

Ed also weaves in references to the Avengers and Deadpool, so he understood the entertainment assignment. Take a listen and share your thoughts if you do!

More Interviews

Aaron Carter (U Illinois)

A lively interview with Aaron Carter, where he talked about a variety of current topics, including the focus of University presidents and the role of procurement.

Rob Handfield

A live hour long talk with Rob Handfield. Rob was on panels for both National Association of State Procurement Officials and Public Spend Forum this week (busy guy!), so if you liked his content, we go deeply into the recent #NASPO #Covid19 report, PPE, Vaccines, global #supplychain, circular planning and more.

Sarah O'Brien, CEO Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council

Thanks to Sarah O'Brien for a great discussion. Choose your mode to learn about the great and interesting work of the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council.

Carol Wilson (Connecticut)

Our interview with Carol Wilson, C.P.M. garnered comments from five state CPOs - a great video to watch about #publicsector CPO's on the front lines. She describes how when Connecticut was deprioritized they began vetting new suppliers in earnest, almost 5000 new leads and suppliers.

Jaime Schorr (Maine)

Jaime Schorr, State of Maine CPO, took time to help continue our series on Public CPOs managing in the new normal.

Jenn Meyers Interview (City of Tucson)

Jenn Myers, NIGP-CPP, CPPB is one of the best of the best, and we had a great discussion about thinking about young people and their future in public procurement.

Jim Colangelo Interview (Michigan)

Jim Colangelo covers public procurement topics including KPIs, organizational design, procurement agility, and new innovations.

Nicholas Tincher (University of Wisconsin)

Nicholas Tincher talks about keeping Business Value at the center of Procurement Automation in the National Association of Educational Procurement Centennial Week!

Rob Handfield on Supply Chain

Live hour long talk with Rob Handfield. Rob was on panels for both National Association of State Procurement Officials and Public Spend Forum.

Procurement and Technology Security Standards (StateRAMP discussion)

How can Procurement and IT collaborate to make security standards in public sector... well... standard?