Created by Public Procurement Professionals for Public Procurement Professionals

Who We Are

Civic Initiatives is a nationally recognized leader in public sector procurement review and transformation support, with a focus on helping procurement officers across the nation create a strategic procurement office. We make public procurement a strategic asset.

Civic Initiatives, incorporated in 2010, has supported over 110 public procurement transformation projects in 35+ states, including local governments, K-12, and institutions of higher education.

The advantage of working with Civic Initiatives is that it was created by public procurement professionals for public procurement professionals. We sat in the seats of the people we serve, the majority of our team coming to Civic from having worked in the public sector.  Many of us are certified procurement professionals and those who are not are working towards certification. We are the missing piece in your procurement office.

"Civic was created around the idea that we could take people who had done this job before and teach them how to be consultants, as opposed to teaching consultants about procurement." Dustin Lanier, Founder

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Photo from Sept. 2023 Civic Summit

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