Acquisition Support Services

Master Contract 19-19-05

Contract Term End Date: 06/05/2023

Contract Expiration Date: 12/02/2024 (recently extended!)  

State Adopted Participating Addendums:  

State of Colorado (149578) State of Connecticut (19psx0205) State of Florida (80111623-19-ACS)
State of Hawaii (
19-19-05) Cmlth of Kentucky (MA 2000000062)

State of Idaho (PADD20221084)
State of Maryland (

State of Minnesota (58531)
State of Mississippi

State of Montana (SPB22-1215LS)
State of Nevada (99SWC-NV23-12693)

State of New Mexico (19-00075AE) State of North Carolina (STC 918B) State of North Dakota (120)
State of Oregon
State of Rhode Island
State of South Dakota (
Cmlth of Virginia (
State of Washington (

Key Contacts:  

Dustin Lanier (Executive) Derrek Davis (Project)
Harry Pape (Finance)

Please call 512-523-4834 or use our contact form for inquiries. 

Contract Overview  

Civic Initiatives. LLC offers expert support to public procurement offices through NASPO ValuePoint's PASS Contract (Procurement of Acquisition Support Services.)

Categories of work include:

  • Procurement Program Support - Policy/Process Reform, Category Management, Training and Knowledge Transfer 
  • Acquisition Support - Specification and RFP Development, Market Research, Cost Estimates, Source Selection
  • Contract Management Support - Contract Development, Contract Management, Vendor Performance Evaluations

How to Order

  • Contact Dustin Lanier regarding need and service offerings 
  • Execute a Participating Agreement (PA) to make use of NASPO ValuePoint. 
  • Execute a Statement of Work
  • Hawaii Purchasing Entities should contact Donna Tsuruda-Kashiwabara ( for additional instructions

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