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2023.10.04: Timely Payments and Public Procurement

Our approach to vendor payments is not just a finance issue - it has a direct impact on the success of our procurement activities. In this article, I delve into the top 7 reasons why making prompt payments to vendors should be a regular topic of interest in public procurement.

2023.08.03: Mindful Measurement: Benchmarking in Public Procurement

There is a quote attributed to quality guru Peter Drucker “What gets measured, gets managed...” 

2023.06.15: Don't Cover the Stove In Caution Tape of my favorite analogies when it comes to procurement. I talked about running procurement against guiding principles, about not "covering the stove with caution tape."

What is that about? It's understanding that procurement is a tool that if people become afraid of, they will treat it in a particular way - or if they understand it is a tool that has a strategic role, they might run it a different way.

2023.05.30: Building Bridges: Connecting Finance and Procurement Part 2 of 2

A story in five parts:

- Procurement is a fully professionalized function (AND)
- Finance and Procurement are highly aligned in mission (BUT)
- To make Procurement thrive requires the correct support (SO THAT)
- Citizens are served with the strongest characteristics of both (HOWEVER)
The story has a twist ending if you are “small but mighty”

2023.05.22: Building Bridges: Connecting Finance and Procurement Part 1 of 2

Dustin speaks about connecting finance and procurement at the GFOA conference.

2023.05.17: The Financial Data Transparency Act: Get On The Glidepath

The Financial Data Transparency Act (FDTA) was passed as a part of the National Defense Authorization Act on Dec 23, 2022. Originally a stand-alone bill, it creates requirements for local governments to meet open data standards for financial reporting over a period of several years, with standards established by federal agencies led by the SEC and Treasury.

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2023.04.26: Five Keys to Strategic Partnerships
"If you want to go fast, go alone - If you want to go far, go together." African Proverb

Why should any organization – public or private – choose to establish strategic partners instead of building everything in-house? After having run a business for almost 14 years, and supporting procurement shops in strategic thinking, I think it boils down to five tests.

2023.03.30: What's Your Why - Higher Education Public Procurement

2023.01.19: Navigating Staffing Constraints
In a special conference panel with California public procurement leaders, Dustin moderates a solution-oriented conversation covering clever points for human resources and staff retainage.

2022.11.23: Bringing Up the Next Generation of Procurement All-Stars

2022.10.17: Affiliated Experts - a New Program of Service

2022.09.15: Procurement as a Service
With baseline operations and special projects both atop the priority list, how the four profiles utilizing Procurement as a Service are supported unique to their needs model.

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