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Procurement as a Service

With baseline operations and special projects both atop the priority list, how the four profiles utilizing Procurement as a Service are supported unique to their needs model.


Navigating Staffing Constraints

In a special conference panel with California public procurement leaders, Dustin moderates a solution-oriented conversation covering clever points for human resources and staff retainage.

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Supply Chain and Stockpile Management

Thanks to NASCAorg for hosting a great discussion with Curt Topper and Jaime Schorr and Dustin Lanier, facilitated by Pam Goins.

The full video session will be available in the NASCA library

Voice of the Customer

The "Voice of the Customer" in Public Procurement. Who are the customers, and how do we hear their voices when we are designing actions and policies?

Public Procurement and Tech Standards - What works?

How can Procurement and IT collaborate to make security standards in the public sector... well... standard?

Work from Anywhere

Our Work from Anywhere discussion (now podcast) was a great hit!

Thanks Fred Brittain and Tanya H. for bringing the CIO perspective into our panel discussion with Jaime Schorr, Jenny Hedderman, Esq. Christin Webb, MBA, NIGP-CPP, CPPB and James E. Crenshaw, MBA, NIGP-CPP, CPPO.

Rob Handfield/Steve Nichols - Supply Resiliency and Public Response

Thanks to Rob Handfield and Steve Nichols for an EXCELLENT discussion about Supply Chain, Ransomware and Public Response.

New Grant Funding - How does procurement prepare?

With ARPA and ESSER funds starting to come into the pipeline in the next month, it will be an interesting time for procurement.

Normal start of the fiscal year pressure will only be accelerated with new funding that may have specialized procurement needs.

More Procurement Articles & Podcasts

Supply Chain and Stickpile Management

Resilient Supply Chains

Supply Chain resiliency has come back into the news with the ransomware scares, and we had another excellent discussion.

Participants Jaime Schorr Jenny Hedderman, Esq. James E. Crenshaw, MBA, NIGP-CPP, CPPO Jonathan Walker Christina Semeraro, MPA, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB all chimed in with great points that are worth your ear.

Hot Jobs in Public Procurement

A discussion on "Hot Jobs" in Public Procurement

Our panel included Jaime Schorr, Justin Sullivan, James E. Crenshaw, MBA, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, Jenny Hedderman, Esq., Yen Pang, Jonathan Walker, Christina Semeraro, MPA, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB and Alli McNally.

A Careful Balance

“Dustin, is anyone talking about how deeply connected schools re-opening and governments re-opening is? Because they need to be.” (Client last week).

OK, let’s talk about it then.

Locked on Target

Applying capacity, agility and resiliency to remodeling operations.

The New Normal

In marking time since the first US case of COVID-19. It's time to plan for the new normal of proactive government during a sustained response.

What if the Offices Stay Empty

CONDUCTING REAL PROCUREMENT IN A VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT - As government operations continue to be performed with part or all of the staff working from home, the question arises: “What if the offices stay empty?”

Towards A New Public Procurement Playbook

We have effective playbooks for mitigating hurricane impact. There is a key difference between COVID-19 and a hurricane that makes it time to start talking about a new playbook.

Preparing for FEMA Reimbursement

3 Things Procurement Officers Can Do Now to Prepare for FEMA Reimbursements

A New Lens for Vetting Suppliers

"Now, who are you again?"
Tips on validating new suppliers in public procurement during emergency response

Distributed Workforce

As public procurement adjusts to a new normal, issues with leading a distributed workforce through shifting rules and priorities have moved to the forefront.

Public Procurement Officers on the Front Line

As the world mobilizes to respond to COVID-19, procurement has a central role.