2022.10.17: Affiliated Experts Program

Original article published on Linkedin by Dustin Lanier, CPPO

(This article also recorded as a podcast, give a listen here!)

I'm excited to announce a new Affiliated Expert Program at Civic Initiatives!

There are so many people I know in public procurement that have chronicled a rich career, but not ready to write their final chapter. Our inaugural members have expressed to me that they cannot stay on the sidelines in this critical moment for our profession. 

Through the Affiliated Expert Program, we will integrate senior public procurement professionals as advisors into our projects, to amplify the knowledge of our team and to enjoy their direct expertise in problem areas they have already solved.  

With the hiring shortages that are now obvious and endemic in public procurement around the country, I will also infuse these professionals into our work to mentor upcoming staff, and to help procurement organizations to create resilient processes and infrastructure.

Finally, I will ask these professionals to help Civic Initiatives to conduct independent research, and to contribute to the health of the procurement profession across state, local and education sectors. We will give them latitude to identify and develop projects in their area of expertise.

Our inaugural fellows are emblematic of the professionals we want in this new program... (Click here to keep reading!)